Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Overview!

As was noted by several of my friends, some of you would like to know why exactly I'm in Haiti and what exactly we're doing! Something I left out of the first blog post. So I'll give you the brief synopsis of how we ended up here.

Most you know that I met Dominic in grad school at Syracuse. I included a photo from our days at Syracuse. At this point, he already knew that he would be going into the foreign service as they were helping him with his school expenses. The Foreign Service members are diplomats who work in U.S. Embassy's abroad. Dominic was posted to Haiti for his first tour of duty. And this tour he is a consular officer, which means he adjudicates both immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Dom's cone is management, so in the future we will be looking for jobs that give him management opportunities.  But in general, most people have to do a consular tour or two prior to working in their cone.

Dominic has been living in Haiti for over a year, and I am here joining him for the last 9 months of the tour. We recently found out that our next post in Lusaka, Zambia in October 2010. This was our first choice so we are excited about it! What it means for us is that we will be in Haiti until July, and then head back to the states for a few months. We get 6 weeks vacation where we plan on doing a major road trip and seeing some of the National Parks and the people we love along the way. Then we will return to D.C. for training and ultimately head to Zambia in October.

As for me, ideally I would like to do at least one long term photo project while in Haiti. I am hoping to working with a non-profit and shoot at least once or twice a week at the same location. With this body of work, and hopefully some multimedia twist. I hope to give myself some variation in my portfolio and hopefully some help to the non-profit in terms of getting the word out.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our First Place!

Hello all,

I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that Dom and I are safe and happy in Port-au-Prince. The first few weeks have been a whirl wind, and I often think that I need to stop time and hold on the these first few moments of marriage. This is easier said then done when you plan a wedding long distance, get married, and move to a foreign country!

We are moved into our new place, and we love it! The house itself is new construction and gorgeous. It is in a compound which is less than three minutes from the Embassy which means I get to see Dom for lunch, and he is right next door. You better believe that he doesn't miss the morning commute.

I have been keeping myself busy, by making the house into a home. And two weeks later all the boxes are unpacked. I only need to hang the artwork and all will be complete! I am not too antsy (yet) about starting work at this point. We are waiting for my interim clearance to come through so I can start working at the embassy. For those who don't know I got a part time job as the housing coordinator, so I will be working at the embassy and hopefully will be able to pursue some personal photo projects in my off time. I have to say I have enjoyed having the time to get everything organized and in it's place without having to worry about a job! I count it as a blessing.

I will post more photos soon of the house!